Approach and Work Plan


The Global Partnership on Results & Mutual Accountability (GPI R&MA) has four main guidelines for its work:

  • 1.  From country to global. Policies on effective development cooperation are to be based on country level practices. Country practices are discussed, combined and coordinated through three regional offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The strength of the regional platforms is their proximity to the regional countries which makes it possible for them to gain in-depth knowledge and develop close relationships with the partner countries. This facilitates inter-regional discussions that lead to policy recommendations to the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC).
  • 2.  Collective accountability. The mandate of the GPI R&MA is to address the combined topics of Results and Accountability. Achieving country results and being accountable for them focuses the GPEDC on multi-stakeholder processes; all stakeholders are accountable for (their part of) the development results.
  • 3.  Multiple dimensions. Improving a Country Results Framework is a multi-dimensional exercise. Besides the technical dimension – having a proper plan, budget, targets and indicators – other dimensions are institutional (e.g. coordination mechanisms), financial (e.g. ensuring short and medium term financing) and political. Together these contribute to sustained leadership towards the agreed results and maintaining accountability for them.
  • 4.  Integration of global and regional directions. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and other cross-country and regional development plans (e.g. the African Union Vision 2063), are to be integrated in the country development plans.

Directions of the Work Plan 2017-2018

During 2017 and 2018, the GPI R&MA plans to expand its work on improving Country Results Frameworks and ensuring multi-stakeholder accountability by:

  • 1.    Creating interest among countries that are not yet part of the regional discussions.
  • 2.   Adding the issue of accountability for results to the discussions. Accountability is more than an issue between donors and recipients; it is a collective process on which the GPI R&MA aims to formulate policy recommendations.