The coordinating platform in Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) is Proyecto de Integración y Desarrollo de Mesoamérica (PM). Based in San Salvador, PM is a multi-government cooperation network with the mandate to promote regional integration and inclusive development. PM is facilitating the GPI programme to promote various national planning and finance functions through institutional linkages. Participating countries are the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Paraguay and Peru. Mexico takes part as an observer.

For the LAC region, the programme started when the presidential commissioners from member countries on the governing board of the regional platform gave unanimous, high level approval to start facilitating the programme. This high-level approval meant that the participating technical managers had easier access to decision- makers when discussing the workshop results back home. The first workshop was held in El Salvador, June 2016; the second in Panama, April 2017. Main conclusions:

  • Improved linkages between programmes and budgets in the national development plans. For instance, in Paraguay progress is being made in measuring the country’s social expenses in the Integrated Social Information System (SIIS) to: in March 2017, 92 programs in 26 institutions were registered for a total of 1,252,428 beneficiaries.
  • Results based management is improving and capacity development on RBM is on-going. In the LAC region, special emphasis is given to linking the national and sub-national results agenda, which has important institutional implications.
  • Political support is a special focus for the LAC countries. In one country a law on results based budgeting has been prepared.
  • From its start in early 2016, the regional platform PM is developing modules that provide guidelines for staff and decision-makers in the public sectors of the countries that wish to strengthen their Country Results Framework (CRF). The modules will assist the Ministries of Planning and Finance to design their Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF).
  • The region has initiated steps to design a road map to share knowledge and policy-relevant lessons learned on Integrated Financing Frameworks. This will be an example of South-South Cooperation among the different countries in the region.

For more information on the LAC region’s activities in the GPI programme, see here. The workshop reports can be found in our archives section.

LAC Region Plans for 2017-2018

  • Further develop modules/manuals for effective CRF development and test these at country level using regional workshops. This phase would start with developing a two-phase training program: one a more general phase for ministries interested in participating or for other persons to get an overview; and the second phase will target for experts, who are conducting or leading a Development Finance Assessment (DFA). These modules could eventually be included in the UNDP learning platform so that more government officials can make use of them.
  • Develop and use tools to assess the national planning and finance systems to integrate the SDGs and to improve the development plans.
  • Start with DFAs in Guatemala, Panamá, and Perú.
  • Set up a south-south exchange programme. The first concrete initiative will be a visit or Study Tour to the Ministry of Planning and Finance in Mexico (to consider structural reforms and macro-economic policies) as well as an exchange with Bangladesh to look at how they have integrated the SDGs in the plan and budget.
  • Other countries have requested the opportunity to learn more about how Perú is addressing the planning-financing linkages.